We are firmly committed to our corporate and social responsibility. We are ever conscious of our corporate business principles and values that have  existed for many years and guided our decisions and actions.

We work together with our employees as one team responsible for implementing our strategic goals, and acknowledge our commitment to our Clients and Contractors. 

We adhere to the best practice in corporate governance to sustain Clients and Contractors confidence and trust. 

We value the trust of our clients in our products and services. We also recognize their legitimate vested interest in the behavior, values, and actions of the company. 

We are responsive to investors, shareholders and stakeholders queries about the decisions we make and ensuing actions. We seek close relationships with our stakeholders to be able to interpret their expectations and respond to them efficiently.

We practice good governance and ethics to create favorable perceptions about our company, and to increase awareness and promote a national culture to enhance the country's reputation and good image. 

We design, manufacture and market our products in line with the highest industry standards to create sustained value for our employees and clients, contractors and the countries where we operate.

We shall continue to improve upon the energy consumption characteristic of our products, and offer our clients with the most energy efficient climate control solutions and systems.

We are committed to source and utilize environment friendly components in all of our manufactured products and to follow the best practiced norms in our factory processes that cause the least harm to our environment.

We will respect and comply with local laws and regulations of all the markets where we do business and where our products and services are promoted.

We endeavor to create the best working place conducive to employee safety and increased productivity.

We believe that our continued success depends greatly on the professional contribution of our staff. It is essential that we recruit highly qualified people, who will contribute to the growth of the company. It is also essential to keep them motivated and offer them training and development programs.

We engage in community partnership programs with our societies for our mutual benefit.