To serve clients in the best possible way, complete engineering services are provided for building design with precast concrete technology, covering conceptualization, analysis of the building for gravity and lateral loads, designing the structure, and providing the production and erection drawings. The technical center offers a solution from the concept of technology and plant design to building design, the quality manuals for production, and the execution of the building.

Technical support covers different levels depending on client’s needs. At the concept stage, questions of how precast can be implemented in a project are considered. The next level includes designing the precast plant requirements: what kind of machinery is required and how will the plant function? UPF also provides complete precast plant design services. Designing an actual building, offering detailed engineering, is one of our core areas. Defining the quality parameters for precast production and execution of the building can also be done. “In conclusion, we offer overall complete support for precast technology as a whole operation, right from the concept to the completion of the building.”