UPF is equipped with the following equipment:


  1. 2 covered production sheds 23m x 210m each.

  2. 6 No’s Hollow Core Slabs casting lines that can produce 800m2 of slabs per day of various thickness 150mm to 500mm with all required fully automated           hollow core machines. The factory in Um Saeeid, Qatar operates with computerized slip former equipment.

  3. The factory in Um Saeeid, Qatar operates currently with free casting areas for any kind of precast elements up to ca. 20t single weight.

  4. The factory in Um Saeeid, Qatar operates currently 16 hydraulic tilt tables 8 x 4 meters.

  5. Fully computerized Liebherr batching plant with enclosed aggregate and sand silo, cold water plant and ice making machine and other accessories with a           casting capacity of 200m3/day.

  6. Comprehensive concrete laboratory facility.

  7. 4 overhead crane inside the double shed capacity up to 20 tons.

  8. 16t gantry crane in the storage yard.

  9. Carpentry workshop.

  10. Welding workshop.

  11. Reinforcement workshop.

  12. Concrete laboratory.

  13. Mobile Cranes 25t to 80t SWL capacity.

  14. Trucks Flatbed, A-Frame, Low Bed, special trucks up to 100t capacity.