Materials used for UHPC

UHPC is formulated by combining Portland cement, silica fume, fly-ash, quartz powder, fine silica sand, super plasticizer, water and steel or organic fibers


The addition of silica fumes acts as a Cementous material or micro filler that can improve the workability of UHPC by filling voids between coarse particles owing to its much finer particle size and spherical shape. It therefore leads to denser particle packing and higher strength properties Ground Quartz powders are used to achieve the optimum packing of the combination of particles.

PVA/steel fibers are normally used as they are high strength fibers. They can be used alone or added to steel fibers to lend concrete the necessary ductility in  heavily stressed components.

After extensive research and trials, we successfully developed UHPC mix designs for different applications. Mixes are designed as per the specifications and requirements of the products. The type of application will determine the type of fibers to be used as well as the type of the sand/aggregate and other minerals.


Finally, a fluid type material is poured into moulds/forms. Which flows to every depth of the mould