Utilizing the above equipment and machineries, our precast factory produces all types of precast works with various sizes, shapes and finishes. Some of our precast production elements can be listed as follows:

  1. Precast solid panels and insulated wall panels utilized in wall frame system for complete structures. With different thicknesses that varies between 100mm to 300mm.

  2. MSE Wall Systems.

  3. Precast columns and beams of various sizes and shapes which can be utilized for building structures.

  4. Precast decorative elements for architectural elevations of buildings.

  5. Pre-stressed hollow core slabs with different thicknesses 150mm to 500mm which can be utilized for roof slabs depending on the required span and loading.

  6. Precast boundary walls with columns and foundations.

  7. Precast road barriers.

  8. Precast cable trenches with cover slabs.

  9. Tunnel lining segments.

  10. Project specific precast elements.

  11. Underpass structures.

  12. Precast cladding panels with different finishes such as:

  • Exposed aggregate panels.

  • Natural stone, marble, granite cladding panels.




Union Precast Factory L.L.C. imports raw materials of best quality and high specification standards complying with ASTM and British Standards.



All finished products are manufactured to ASTM British Standards.