Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) INTRODUCTION

In the 1990s it was discovered that the addition of Silica fumes and efficient plasticizers to the traditional concrete mix, would result in a concrete mix with high strength (above 150N/mm2) and with good workability.

This new advanced cementitious composite material; the UHPC has opened the door to many potential applications and proved to be a viable solution for improving the sustainability of architecture. Although UHPC is higher in production cost, it would be more realistic to look at the costs on the basis of the entire project. Due to its high strength one is able to use panels that are smaller in cross sectional area (slender and light structural or façade components) thus leading to savings in prestressing and reinforcing steel. Easy installation. Panel lengths and span can be increased resulting into construction time being shortened by few months. UHPC has good workability, low creep and low shrinkage, and high wearing resistance.  Its excellent durability results in longevity of structures and a reduction in overall maintenance or repair costs. UHPC posses ceramic properties such as impermeability to water, heat resistant, and surface behaviors making it ideal for usage in high strength applications. UHPC is cast by utilizing a mix of unique minerals, which are graded as per the specifications of the required product.

UHPC Applications

Tall structures, façade envelops,  structural and non-structural elements, landscaping, decorative products, furniture, machine cabinets and military structures.